Where was “Bachelorette” filmed? Cruise ship, Mansion location

At home and abroad! Bachelorette stars Gaby Windey and Rachel RechiaIt’s the first time there have been two leading women for the whole trip, but that’s not the only new detail. Where was it filmed? Keep reading for more details on the Bachelor mansion, cruise ship, Paris, France, and more on location.

Where is the Bachelor Castle?

Season 19 starts at Villa de la Vina, a mansion nestled in Malibu Hills, located outside of Los Angeles, California. The sprawling property has plenty of room for the 32 candidates vying for Gabby, 31, and Rachel, 26. The house, which belongs to Haraden Familyhas 10,000 square feet of indoor space and an additional 20,000 square feet of outdoor space.

In addition to being a longtime filming location for Bachelor Nation, the private Tuscan-style castle is available for rent on Airbnb and open for hosting events, retreats, wedding ceremonies and dinner parties. repetition.

East the bachelorette Filmed on a cruise ship?

The previews show Gabby, Rachel and their contestants on a cruise ship. Ancient Bachelor star Nick Viall opened up about the unique filming location during a June episode of his “Viall Files” podcast.

“I heard it would be very different. And it’s going to have a [Bachelor in Paradise] feel it,” the Wisconsin native said on the season, explaining that there are more “options” since there are two Bachelorettes. “It’s on a cruise ship – part of it. I asked people because it seems the producers think it’s going to be really interesting but very different.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum claimed it was “hell to film” because the “lineup” was only set for a female lead before the surprise change.

“They had to block everything,” Nick said at the time. “And then I asked, I was like, ‘What if it goes really well, like, is it a success? … The people I talk to hope they never do it again. Just because of the logistics. I think a cruise ship was probably the challenge.

Rachel acknowledged that her and Gabby’s season will be “so different” from previous seasons.

“There are two of us, but there are also two separate trips,” the Florida resident said. entertainment tonight ahead of the July 11 premiere. “But I’m really excited for everyone to see how it works!”

Along with “two love stories,” Rachel teased that viewers will get to see her and Gabby’s strong “friendship.”

Gabby admitted that she and the pilot “didn’t know anything” before season 19. says the intensive care nurse. “We had a lot of tough talks and at the end of the day I think we just followed our hearts.”

She added, “We started dating the same group of men, but naturally when you’re working towards a life partner, you have to have your own journey.”

where else was the bachelorette Filmed?

Since the cast will be setting sail on a cruise ship, it’s safe to assume that the ship will likely reach multiple locations. It looks like the ladies are also spending a good chunk of their time in Paris, according to the Season 19 teasers.

Can’t wait for the finale for more Bachelorette spoilers? No worries, we’ve got you covered. See if Gabby Windey is getting engaged, who her latest two guys are, and who her four best guys are. Plus, check out if Rachel Recchia is getting engaged, who her last two guys are, and who she chooses for her last four. You can also check out Life & Style’s Bachelorette page for more updates on the drama throughout the season!

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