Welsh Tories slam Welsh government for removing broadband postcode checker

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Broadband router. Photo by MediaDS

The Welsh Tories have accused the Welsh government of keeping the people in the dark about their handling of broadband broadband.

The Welsh government is currently undertaking a Wales-wide rollout of its all-fiber broadband program and had hosted a postcode checker on its website to allow individuals to check if their premises will be included.

But according to Peter Fox, MS for Monmouth, the Welsh government has now removed the postcode checker, causing enormous concern and concern to residents of his constituency.

Speaking to the Welsh Parliament, he said: ‘More and more work – and even other day-to-day activities – are moving online, which means having fast broadband speech is absolutely crucial. .

“But the actions of the Welsh government mean that many people are unsure whether their premises will be included in the government deployment. Some people have attempted to use the Openreach Checker instead, but it fails to distinguish between premises connected through the Welsh Government-funded Deployment Program and Openreach’s Commercial Deployment.

“I have urged the Prime Minister to act quickly to address people’s concerns and ensure that the deployment of fiber optic broadband reaches the length and breadth of Monmouth constituency.”

Cllr Sara Jones, Deputy Head of Monmouthshire County Council and Cabinet Member for the Economy, said: ‘Leaving Monmouthshire voters completely in awe of whether their properties will be included in the full fiber rollout is not acceptable.

“Over the past few weeks, I have been contacted by anxious voters who have expressed real concerns about this lack of transparency.

“We call on ministers to act quickly to address people’s concerns, giving them clarification on what is currently an opaque situation.”


In June, Openreach outlined plans to work with the Welsh government to deliver superfast Full Fiber broadband across Wales to some of the hardest-to-serve communities in the country.

A total of 140 exchanges across the country are being modernized, the majority of homes and businesses in places such as Abersoch, Bethesda, Borth, Cardigan, Nefyn, Nelson, Narberth, Llantwit Major and Kidwelly are expected to benefit from the program five years. .

Over 20,000 households and businesses in Ynys Môn are expected to benefit along with over 30,000 in Pembrokeshire, around 30,000 in Powys, over 20,000 in Gwynedd and around 20,000 in Monmouthshire.

Lee Waters, Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Climate Change, said: “Fast and reliable broadband is more important than ever, so seeing more homes and businesses connect is definitely welcome.

“Through our Superfast Cymru program, we have stepped in with a public sector investment of £ 200million to bring superfast broadband coverage across Wales to 95%, although broadband is not not vested.

“With the rollout of even faster gigabit broadband already gaining momentum, we continue to work with Openreach to use public funds to support properties in some of Wales’ most difficult to access areas.

“Broadband is a key public service and we will continue to support all efforts to strengthen connections across the breadth of Wales. “

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