WashPost fact-checker gives Pompeo four ‘Pinocchios’ for ‘zombie’ claim over Obama Iran deal

“But the details of the policy were never Trump’s expertise,” Kessler wrote. “As the former chief of US diplomacy, Pompeo should be better informed. Instead, he uttered a particularly misleading hodgepodge.”

A spokesperson for Pompeo told the Post he misspoke on Sunday and “wanted to refer to the $ 1.7 billion in cash that was transferred upon the inmate’s release, not $ 150 billion “.

The fact checker noted a appearance by Pompeo on Fox News from 2020 in which the then chief diplomat said: “In 2015, the Obama-Biden administration essentially handed power over to the Iranian rulers and acted as a near ally of theirs, by subscribing to them – by subscribing to the very malicious – that killed Americans … We provided them with $ 150 billion, pallets of money.

The Post awarded Pompeo four “Pinocchios”, as many as possible, for repeating the misleading claim about the Obama administration.

“It is time for Republicans to withdraw this $ 150 billion claim,” Kessler concluded. “It’s often presented as American taxpayer money – it wasn’t – and it was linked to the relief from Treasury sanctions that are now back in place. It is particularly absurd to suggest that this was provided to Iran as a cash transaction, as Pompeo did to Fox viewers. Perhaps Pompeo confused his misleading arguments, but he previously suggested that Obama gave $ 150 billion in cash. cash. So we don’t feel particularly generous. “

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