Vols fans prepare for Game 6 of ‘Checker Neyland’ against Florida; Vol Village organizes a watch party

Fans in each section of Neyland Stadium will wear orange or white apparel to ensure the stadium reflects the iconic end zone design.

Knoxville, Tenn. – The University of Tennessee is known to have die-hard fans. Whether the Vols win or lose, they can always count on the support of their fans. This coming Saturday is one of the biggest games of the season, and fans like Kelly Barber have high hopes.

“I can’t wait to see the flights kick those Gator’s butts on Saturday,” she said.

The Vols will face the Florida Gators, and their last win in the rivalry was in 2016. Along with the big game day, it’s a “Checker Neyland game.” Fans will wear either orange or white, depending on the seating assignment. Together they will make the stands look like the end zone.

Barber already knows what she’s wearing for game-white. She stopped at a store to buy things for her family members before the game.

“And my sons only have orange,” she said. “So I’m here to find a white shirt for my two sons.”

For Barber, this isn’t his first rodeo.

“The vibe is trendy, it’s nice to be there,” she said.

Beth Parks, Marketing Director of Alumni Hall, said if people didn’t know what to wear, they were there to help. They can help fans determine if their section is wearing white or orange and help them find the right clothes.

Parks says the alumni hall is busy year-round. With Checker Neyland and the Florida game falling on the same day, they anticipate high demand.

“So much so that we extended our hours,” she said. “So on Friday, we stay up until 9 p.m.”

Fans who want to check for themselves whether to wear orange or white can use this website.

For fans who were unable to purchase tickets for the game, Athletic Director Danny White announced that UT will also be hosting a fan watch party at Vol Village.

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