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Unicheck filled a wonderful space between writing and writing safely. Whether you’re writing an academic paper, a thesis, or just your next summary for your boss, it’s critical to make sure you don’t plagiarize.

With Unicheck, this process is easy! You can simply upload a file and have Unicheck validate in the background, you can write on their website or with its integrations to a number of popular office software suites and even learning management systems (LMS). The plagiarism check process is remarkably simple, and you can do it quickly for anything you write. Depending on your writing application of choice, this could even be done while writing, taking no time to ensure that what you are writing has not already been written.


Unicheck’s personal and business plans use a sliding scale for pricing while education clients will need to contact the company directly for a quote. (Image credit: Unicheck)

Packages and prices

Unicheck has a free edition for you to try out the software. However, if you really want to be able to use all the features to the fullest, there are a handful of paid options.

Under the personal branch, there is an option to pay per page volume. This shows the amount of savings you can have on a single double-spaced single page basis by basic academic standards.

Meanwhile, the educational branch has three plan designs; essentials, support plus and enterprise. Naturally, the Essentials pack is the cheapest, while the Enterprise is the more expensive and robust plan.

the commercial branch however has a per page plan design much like the personal plan. It also shows the savings per page based on the number of pages chosen.

Plagiarism checker

You can test Unicheck’s plagiarism checker for free on their website (Image credit: Unicheck)


Unicheck is basically two programs in one: a plagiarism detector and a paternity check tool. Plagiarism checking is pretty self-explanatory, this tool checks that written words are true to the author by making sure they haven’t been written before.

The feature that is remarkable is the paternity verification tool. This tool is an AI powered wizard that checks papers for inconsistencies or handwriting changes. Where it gets really amazing is that he can tell, even in a single post, if there are any inconsistencies. This means that if a student starts and finishes their work on their own but the middle is duplicated and rephrased, Emma (the AI ​​assistant) will be able to tell. In addition, the more this AI gets to know a student’s handwriting, the better it can recognize it and detect inconsistencies.

Interface and in use

The online interface for Unicheck is pretty minimalist all around. Users upload their documents as a starting point, then Unicheck can give a full overview of similarities, quotes and references. Moreover, it can show you online where these issues are located and provide more details about each issue.


Unicheck provides detailed reports on its plagiarism checker findings (Image credit: Unicheck)

Unicheck can also tell you the percentage of your files that are quotes, references, excerpts from sources, etc. There’s even a built-in library where you can store a plethora of documents.


On the online platform, there is a chat window at the bottom right. It works via Intercom and allows real answers in about 5 minutes. This allows for quick support from the real team, instead of being overwhelmed by phone transfers.

Help Center

You can find user guides, video tutorials, and FAQs in the Unicheck Help Center (Image credit: Unicheck)

There is also an abundance of user guides, video tutorials, and answers in the Unicheck Help Center. All of these allow an overflow of support for using this program. To improve matters, the company also provides links to blog posts related to its plagiarism checker.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward online plagiarism checker, you can’t go wrong with Unicheck. The processes are straightforward and the interface is clear and user-friendly. Whether you are a student, teacher, employer, parent or employee, this tool can be very useful.

If you write for a living, or if you write for a living, this tool is invaluable. Clear and simple. Even if you write all of your own work, checking that it doesn’t refer to something else you may have written, or accidentally lining up with something else could make or break your career.

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