TikTok Stars Embattled Hollywood Director Brad Lambert Loses 3 Endorsement Deals

Brad Lambert, a Hollywood talent manager representing TikTok and other social media stars, has lost three major endorsement deals as scrutiny of his business operations has intensified – including in an investigation published by TheWrap on Wednesday. Tech company Elgato, CLX Gaming and National CineMedia’s (NCM) “Noovie” have all severed ties with Lambert or plan to do so, TheWrap has learned.

CLX Gaming, which makes high-end custom desktops for gamers and content creators, is actively seeking to terminate a one-year contract signed last year with Lambert, a spokesperson told TheWrap. The rep declined to discuss why he originally signed Lambert, or the terms of the deal.

A representative for Elgato, which makes audio-visual technology for content creators on all video-sharing platforms, said Lambert’s contract with the company expired at the end of last year and has not been renewed. At the time of publication, Lambert had always tagged Elgato on his social media bios.

And NCM’s “Noovieverse,” an original video series hosted by pop culture leaders and influential voices in the Marvel Studios and DC Comics universes, also cut ties with Lambert after including him in an episode with one of Lambert’s former clients – Matt Ramos, aka Supes, a 20-year-old TikTok superstar with 2.7 million followers.

“Two of the influencers we featured during the concept test last fall were Brad Lambert and Matt Ramos, who co-hosted the initial segment on the December movie release ‘Spider Man: No Way Home’,” said said a spokesperson for NCM in a statement to L’Enveloppe. However, the producers continued the series with Ramos and a group spinning other social media stars as co-hosts. “At this time, we have no plans to feature Brad Lambert in any future segments,” the rep said.

Neither Lambert nor his attorney responded to TheWrap’s repeated requests for comment.

At least one senior Hollywood executive has told TheWrap it’s “super unusual” for a talent manager to negotiate sponsorship deals and host gigs for himself alongside his clients, raising questions about whether he was truly working in their best interests.

In a survey conducted by TheWrap, many former and potential Lambert clients recounted instances of unprofessional behavior on Lambert’s part, ranging from resume filling and credit hoarding to shameless self-promotion and the botched contract negotiations that undervalued their work in the market.

At best, his former clients and associates painted a portrait of a charming but awkward budding Hollywood gambler with a largely imaginary contact list of industry figures. At worst, they said, he’s a shark who lures impressionable young talent onto social media with promises of wealth and fame, then leverages their hard-earned followers to increase his personal fame and fortune. (Lambert vehemently denied any wrongdoing.)

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