Survivor Season 43 2022 Release Date, Time, Cast, List of Participants, Location, Where to Watch Online

CBS reality show Survivor has been on the air for almost a decade, know the season 43 release date and cast

The show has already completed its 42nd season and is now back with another season.

Survivor fans should gear up again as the show is back with its 43 season while having an exciting storyline, challenges, and a bunch of survival tips.

Once again we will see the contestants running for their lives and doing all the weird things to gain immunity and become the ultimate survivor.

Survivor Season 43 2022 Release Date, Time, Cast, List of Participants, Location and Where to Watch Online

Season 43 Expectations

According to the official trailer, this season’s contestants will have to push their limits to survive. This time there will be a lot of challenges that will scare the participants to death.

In addition to preparing physically, participants must prepare mentally for all sorts of things. As usual, Jeff Probst will be there to guide the contestants throughout the show.

‘Survivor’ Season 43 Release Date

Season 43 of “Survivor” is set to premiere Wednesday, September 21, 2022, around 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Where to watch season 43

Besides CBS, fans can tune into several other channels to stream the show. Paramount Premium members plus fans easily binge on the show through their service.

Apart from this, users can also consume it through Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

Cast of Season 43

Season 43 of ‘Survivor’ will feature a total of 18 new contestants as well as reality TV host, Jeff Probst, who will host the show.

Show speakers

Here are all the names of the Participants who will appear in Season 43:

Cassidy Clark, 26, designer
Cody Assenmacher, 35, salesman
Dwight Moore, 22, graduate student
Elisabeth “Ellie” Scott, 31, clinical psychologist
Geo Bustamante, 36 years old, project manager
James Jones, 37, event planner
Jeanine Zheng, 24, UX designer
Jesse Lopez, 30 years old
Justine Brennan, 29, cybersecurity salesperson
Karla Cruz Godoy, 28, education project manager
Lindsay Carmine, 42, pediatric nurse
Mike “Gabler” Gabler, 52, heart valve specialist
Morriah Young, 28, teacher
Nneka Ejere, 43, pharmacist

Plot of season 43

The Survivor 43 show will be about surviving on an island. The place chosen for this season is the island of Mamanuca, in Fiji.

The previous season was also held here, this season will also be held at the same location for more than 26 days.

Participants who survive to the last will be awarded the title of “Sole Survivor” and a cash prize worth $1 million.

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