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SSL is the abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol used by web browsers and servers that allows data sent over the Internet to be authenticated, encrypted, and decrypted. When a website is enabled with SSL, it creates a type of secure tunnel between your web browser and the server that hosts that specific site without interfering with the performance of the website. This means you can still expect the same page speed with the added security benefit. If a hacker attempts to steal information, such as credit card numbers, login credentials or social security numbers, this tunnel will prevent them from gaining access, which means that all data shared on this site will remain protected.

On the other hand, when a visitor browses a website without SSL, the web browser will connect directly to the site, which means that any information will be transmitted publicly. In this case, hackers will be able to enter this sensitive information to gain access to your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory for a website to have SSL?

Although it is not mandatory for all websites to have SSL, it is highly recommended. Basically, if you don’t have SSL, you put your website visitors and customers at a higher risk of having their data stolen online. In fact, without encryption, you also put the overall security of your own site at risk.

How do you know if a website is secure?

Visual cues make it easy for website visitors to identify which websites are secure and which are not. Starting with the website address itself, instead of displaying “http://”, it will display “https://”. Depending on the web browser used, a lock icon or the word “Secure” will appear in the URL bar. Then, when switching to the actual website, an additional badge may also appear on the website itself to show that it is secure.

Can all my content hosted on HubSpot be SSL-enabled?

If you host your content on HubSpot, the good news is that you can enable SSL on your site, landing pages, blog, and other content hosted on HubSpot, if your subscription allows it.

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