Section’s distributed GraphQL hosting enables organizations to rapidly launch and scale location-optimized multi-cloud API servers

BOULDER, Colorado–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Section, the leading cloud-native distributed computing provider, today announced its new distributed GraphQL service, enabling organizations to quickly launch and easily scale location-optimized multicloud API servers. Organizations can host GraphQL in data centers across town or around the world to improve API performance and reliability, reduce costs, reduce impact on backend servers, and improve scalability, resiliency, compliance, security, and other factors — all without impacting their current cloud. native development processes or tools. Section manages day-to-day server operations, as its clusterless platform automates the orchestration of GraphQL servers on a secure and reliable global infrastructure network.

“Distributing API servers and other compute resources makes perfect sense for developers, as long as it’s easy to do,” said Section CEO Stewart McGrath. “Our new Distributed GraphQL service is simple to get started, gives you immediate access to a global network, and automates orchestration so developers can simply focus on their application and business logic.”

GraphQL is a server-side query language and runtime environment for cloud APIs that improves data delivery efficiency. According to a report by AkamaiAPI calls account for 83% of all web traffic, and InfoQ considers GraphQL to have reached “early majority” usage in its 2022 Architecture Trends Report.

With Section, GraphQL servers can be deployed quickly and immediately benefit from multi-cloud and multi-vendor distribution. Application users will benefit from an instant performance boost through reduced latency, while API service availability and resiliency are dramatically improved by Section’s automated service failure/rerouting capabilities. Organizations will benefit from reduced costs compared to hyperscalers or standalone distribution solutions, and can even run other containers alongside the GraphQL server, such as Redis caches, security solutions, etc., to further improve the equation cost/performance/availability.

Section’s distributed native cloud computing platform allows application developers around the world to focus solely on business logic while allowing their software to behave as if it works everywhere, is infinitely scalable , always available, peak performance, fully compliant, and efficient with compute resources and cost. DevOps teams can use existing Kubernetes tools and processes to deploy to Section and define simple policy-based rules to control its global, clusterless platform.

Benefits of Section’s Distributed GraphQL service include:

  • Proximity-Based Performance – bringing API servers closer to users greatly improves performance, and servers can be throttled/stopped as needed based on load to minimize costs
  • Full and partial API caching – for better performance; done right, this can minimize the need for database distribution, greatly reducing costs
  • Round trip fusion – Section data fetching capabilities can merge database and API calls to reduce backend chatter
  • Cloud independence – Section’s Composable Edge Cloud eliminates vendor lock-in by leveraging the world’s best infrastructure and cloud providers.
  • Layer 3-4 DDoS Security – Network layer DDoS protection is included by default on the whole section network to protect against all Layer 3/4 attacks. Section’s DDoS protection features dual-redundant DDoS protection, including two of the largest DDoS networks in the world.

To learn more about the benefits of Section’s Distributed GraphQL or how to get started, visit:

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Section is a cloud-native hosting system that continuously optimizes the orchestration of a secure and reliable global infrastructure for application delivery. Section’s sophisticated, distributed, clusterless platform intelligently and adaptively manages workloads based on performance, reliability, compliance, cost, or other developer intent to ensure applications run smoothly. perform in the right place at the right time. The result is simple application distribution across the city or out to the edge, while teams use existing tools, workflows, and familiar rules-based policies. To learn more about how Section is revolutionizing application delivery, please visit

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