Scribble Art Workshop opens second location in Kent

KENT – Scribble Art Workshop, a developmentally focused art studio for very young children to adults, is opening a second location in the Kent Green Mall, in a building adjacent to Cozzy’s Pizza.

“Our mission is to develop creativity as a life skill that will serve our students beyond the art class,” said Founder and Owner Sasha Schwartz. “I have always dreamed of having a studio within my own community, a place where my family and friends can enjoy making art together. “

Schwartz lives a 15-minute drive from Kent, near Wingdale, NY.

She said she had been immersed in the art world from her days as an art teacher in Manhattan in the early 2000s. An entrepreneur at heart, she wanted to offer art classes outside of the city. school setting to a wider audience and rented space in a yoga studio where she led workshops.

“The demand for these courses grew very quickly until I needed to hire teachers and train them,” said Schwartz.

Her successful art classes became her first studio space, and Scribble Art Workshop was established in 2011. Scribble Art Workshop also has a Westchester studio in Dobbs Ferry, NY and also offers classes in New York.

She chose Kent because of how her studio will already fit into the city.

“Kent is ripe for artistic creation,” said Schwartz. “Although it is full of galleries where people can view and enjoy art from a distance, there isn’t really a central location where people can get dirty and engage in creating art together. ”

Its goal is for the Kent Scribble Art studio space to be a destination for families and friends to create works of art together, in addition to being a community center that offers classes, workshops and camps. school holidays, and organize celebrations, such as birthdays.

Schwartz is building a carefully organized studio.

“This will be our largest space by far, with plenty of storage for our supplies. ” she said. “And the fact that we’re located in the center of town where we can easily walk outside to inspire ourselves and create in nature is phenomenal.

“Plus we’ll be right next to a sculpture museum,” she said, referring to Billy Morrison’s new art gallery, which is currently under construction.

Schwartz and his new team of Kent teachers plan to offer classes for all age groups, including adults. These include:

Miniscribblers, where toddlers ages 18 months to three and their parents can explore art experimentally with art tools and activities tailored to their development.

Sensory Open Play, where toddlers ages 18 months to three and their parents can freely pour, mash, collect, and sort through the messy world of the doodle studio with other artists their age.

Preschool art school, where parents can drop off their 3- and 4-year-olds for self-directed sensory play and artistic creation.

Printmaking, where children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 can explore the elements of color, line and texture through a variety of traditional and non-traditional after-school printing methods.

Toy Design, where children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 can explore the intersection of functional design and imaginative artistic creation through sculpting, painting and collage techniques.

Sculpture, where children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 can develop their innate interest in construction by exploring all types of construction with a variety of materials and methods.

Spring Break Camps where students can spend time getting creative after school is over with classes that include dollhouse design / architecture, fashion design, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. The first one arrives in February.

The workshop will also be available to host private birthdays and feature Drop & Dine parties, where parents can drop off their kids for an artistic night out while dating for a one-on-one moment.

The location of Kent’s Scribble Art Studio is slated to open in mid-February.

“To celebrate, we’ll be hosting free in-home mini-doodle and art-making classes in addition to a Valentine’s Day workshop,” Schwartz said. Visit register.

“My team and I are delighted to offer our art classes in Kent and the wider communities of Litchfield County and Dutchess County. Our hope is that by bringing in the materials and methods that help people tap into their primitive instinct for creation, they will see themselves as joyful artists who believe they know how to create something beautiful, ”said Schwartz.

For more information on upcoming courses and events, visit To stay up to date with upcoming classes and events, sign up for the Kent location newsletter.

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