Riot Games reveals that Atlanta, Georgia will be the new venue for the 2022 Worlds Semi-Finals due to the ongoing pandemic

Source: Riot Games press release

Riot Games has announced a change to its 2022 Worlds schedule as State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia becomes the new landing spot for the Semi-Finals in place of Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

When the Worlds 2022 cities were revealed, excitement grew in the Canadian League of Legends fanbase when Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena was announced as the battleground for the 2022 Worlds semi-finals. Toronto has never hosted a world championship before, the LCS finals were held there for the 2016 Summer Split.

However, the trip to Toronto will have to wait a bit longer after Riot Games revealed that the new destination for this section of the tournament will be at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, due to the ongoing challenges of international travel presented by the pandemic.

“We are committed to maintaining our tradition of a multi-city world tour despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, and I look forward to hosting the 2022 Semi-Finals at the State Farm Arena at the cutting edge of technology in Atlanta,” said Naz Aletaha, Global Head of LoL Esports at Riot.. “This news is undoubtedly disappointing for our fans and partners in Canada, and we I want to sincerely thank Toronto, Scotiabank Arena and our community for their understanding. We look forward to hosting a major LoL Esports event there in the future.

VISA Challenges Presented by the Pandemic

According to the press release, the pandemic has created its own set of challenges “in obtaining multiple-entry visas to the United States.” As a result, they revealed the decision had been made to “provide a clear path” for teams to compete at all stages of the international tournament.

As for Riot Games’ new location, State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, it may prove more convenient for teams competing at Worlds 2022. In addition to being in the United States, Atlanta, Georgia is also a short flight from the 2022 Worlds quarter-finals. place in New York, reducing travel time and potential risks there.

“We are honored that Atlanta now has this incredible opportunity to host the greatest esports event,” said Todd Harris, President of the Atlanta Esports Alliance. “We look forward to working closely with Riot Games, our public and private partners and our local community to create a a remarkable experience for all involved.”

All other city locations will remain the same for Worlds 2022 as the new schedule is as follows.

Play in: Mexico City, Mexico

Groups and quarter-finals: New York, New York

Semi-finals: Atlanta, Georgia

Finals: San Francisco, California

Although the start date for the 2022 Worlds has not yet been revealed, it is likely that the tournament will take place in October and November, as in previous years.

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