RetroReset cuts the ribbon at Crossroads Mall location

MOUNT HOPE, WV (LOOTPRESS) — Few people have been as busy as the minds behind RetroReset Video Games & Collectibles, and Friday marked another milestone for the local business as the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Crossroads location Mall took place.

Co-owners Shannon Ingram and Clay Williamson were joined by the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce and Congressional Staffer for U.S. Senator Joe Manchin – Ben Spurlock, as well as patrons, players and collectors who have Went to Crossroads Mall for the event.

Growth has been noticeable in the store even in the short time since the soft open event earlier in the month.

This was evident in the areas near the back of the store, whose walls, while previously undecorated, now house a wealth of nostalgic merchandise for customers to immerse themselves in.

Speaking to LOOTPRESS, Williamson said that although the area at the very back of the store was initially reserved for storage, the growing business would likely see the area adopted as additional space for the store itself.

The old FYE location had clearly prepared for the company, as fresh coffee and a host of actively playable returning game systems awaited those who stopped by.

Table spaces have also been set up for the action, with Magic the Gathering, Battleship and even Mario Chess cards having been among the various preparations having been made for those who chose to participate.

Additionally, a sizable Hot Wheels-branded Mario Kart-themed race track playset erected in the back of the store was, in all likelihood, fascinating enough due to its sheer novelty to compel many passers-by to completely abandon what they were doing and to inspect the lively curiosity.

“It’s very important, and I think you’re going to have incredible success there,” Spurlock said just before the traditional ceremonial ribbon cutting.

“We all know that the secret to success for any business is having high quality services and products with employees who provide excellent customer service, and the Mountain State is a prime location to meet those needs,” said continued Spurlock, delivering the speech prepared by Senator Manchin. in anticipation of the event.

“Small businesses like RetreReset are the backbone of our communities, and RetroReset’s new location offers a comprehensive selection of collectibles, comic books, video games, toys and more. The grand opening of today is especially exciting because, not only does it showcase the growth of this beautiful area, but local residents need look no further than here in West Virginia for entertainment opportunities. unending.

The good folks at RetroReset have a whole day ahead of them after the ribbon cutting at their new Crossroads Mall location at the time of writing, so stop by to check out some classic games and grab some bargains.

RetroReset Video Games & Collectibles will host a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, October 1, which will feature many special guests and unbeatable offers. More information about this event can be found here, and on the RetroReset Facebook page.

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