Rep. Murphy awards Jacksonville city manager ahead of retirement

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) — With City Manager Richard Woodruff just months away from retirement, Congressman Greg Murphy wanted to recognize him for his 12 years of service to the city.

“Please join me in honoring the incredible life and incredible work of nobleman, Dr. Woodruff, a happy retirement,” Murphy said.

He presented Woodruff with The Extension of Remarks.

“These are remarks entered into the permanent record of Congress by members of Congress on behalf of other groups of individuals to honor them or to commemorate events,” Murphy said.

Murphy pointed to some of the important things Woodruff helped accomplish for the city, such as the development of the Liberty Fountain.

“He dedicated his life to helping others and creating a great environment for others,” Murphy said. “He led a tremendous effort here in downtown Jacksonville.”

And Woodruff said it was a special privilege to have this surprise recognition.

“I understand that he will in fact read from the official record of the House of Representatives, a statement relating to my service. I’m humbled and truly grateful,” Woodruff said.

Prior to the surprise, the two were meeting to discuss moving Murphy’s offices to the Jacksonville Public Safety Building, hopefully before the end of the summer.

“It is the privilege of the city and even our honor to host the congressman and his staff,” Woodruff said.

Murphy was also the keynote speaker at a luncheon with the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday afternoon.

Items discussed included the impact on energy due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, his Ways and Means Committee and his hearing with IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig.

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