Note from Brand Manager Emily Caswell

By Emily Caswell
There’s a joke that goes, “How many Michigan State University students does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer? “40,001. One of them to change the light bulb and 40,000 of them to throw a party for it.
As an MSU grad, I might be offended by that joke, but if my four years on campus were any indication, the joke rings true. I learned everything I need to know about throwing a big party at MSU. Of course, as a journalism major, I also learned a lot of other valuable information.
I brought together my degree and knowledge of party planning when I took on the role of Brand Manager at View Newspaper Group. And that’s good news for this community.
(Even if you’re a U of M fan).
It’s because this community has something to celebrate. New owners and new design for The Citizen. The View Newspaper Group team is proud to continue the tradition of providing local news to this community, because we know that communities with strong newspapers are happier, healthier, safer and, of course, better informed.
In time, I know it’s something we’ll celebrate together, because I’m one of those lucky people who gets paid to do something I love: throwing parties.
These parties, like the recent changes to The Citizen, have a purpose. To connect community members to our sponsors, to each other, to us, and to raise funds for worthy causes.
Whether it’s events like our craft beer festival in downtown Fenton, our ladies-only golf outing in Metamora, or our classy bowling event in Lapeer, we’ve found that playing the part Hosting and bringing people together for fun and fundraising is a great role for a community newspaper.
Since we started hosting community events, we’ve raised over $160,000 for our nonprofit event partners.
In 2021 alone, View Newspaper Group gave back $79,000 through our events and other cash donations. This was in addition to donations of ad space to nonprofits in the area to promote their own events and causes.
We believe in investing in the communities we serve. We do this through our journals, donations, organizing events and more. Many of our team members do this through volunteer work.
I look forward to continuing our investment in this community – and the party that will one day include it. If you have any ideas for a great community event, I’d love to hear them. Email me at Learn more about how you can support our mission on page 21.

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