Normandy Park City Manager’s Report for the week ending April 8, 2022: Civic Center Bond

City Manager’s Report for the week ending April 8, 2022

The important points related to the civic center are under study at the meeting of the municipal council on April 12
The city is working on a project that would build an approximately 23,000 square foot civic center to provide sports, fitness, recreation and performance spaces, meeting and event spaces, a community education program Early Childhood, City Hall and Police Department, and environmentally friendly outdoor and green spaces for the use of the city and its residents. The plan for this facility was developed after an extensive review process that included input from the public and elected officials.

As this project moves forward, City Council will be considering two important items related to this project on Tuesday, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some highlights.

Consideration of a civic center bond
City Council will proceed to the first reading of Ordinance No. 1039, authorizing a proposal to be tabled in the August 2 primary ballot. This proposal will ask voters to approve or reject the issuance of a bond to support the construction of the new civic center. Although not the only source of funding, the bond is essential to the project. The current financing plan for the proposed civic center is as follows:

Bond of $15,000,000

City fund $3,000,000

Private donations $5,000,000

Grants $2,000,000

Total project $25,000,000

The proposed obligation will be a general obligation of unlimited taxation and will have to be approved by the voters of the Parc de Normandie. If approved by voters, the City will issue up to $15,000,000 in general obligation bonds that will be repaid through increased property taxes for a period not exceeding 25 years. The proposed bond would create an additional levy of approximately $0.445 per $1,000 (per year) of assessed value on all Normandy Park properties. Thus, a house with a taxable value of $750,000 would pay $334 per year, or $28 per month.

If approved on Tuesday, the ordinance will have a second reading on May 10, 2022. If approved after second reading, the proposal will be sent to the elections office for inclusion on August 2.n/a ballot for consideration by voters.

Demolition of the old City Hall Park Recreation Center
The city council will be asked to approve a contract for the demolition of the city’s old recreation center. It was not an easy decision, but the city decided the action was necessary due to public safety concerns related to the building’s seismic deficiencies.

Contractors and staff have made all necessary adjustments to utilities in preparation for this project, and work is ready to begin. Following demolition, site restoration will be completed, including irrigation and turfing or other improvements identified by Council’s transition plan. If the contract is approved, staff expect work to begin in May 2022.

Please join us on April 12 via Zoom if you are interested in these articles.

2020 census
The Bureau of Financial Management recently released the 2010-2020 intercensal estimates. A few weeks ago, we looked at the intercensal population estimates. This week, we look at intercensal estimates of the number of people per household. Click here to see the figures for the number of people per household.

Bloodworks Northwest Pop-Up Clinic at City Hall – April 26 & 27
In partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, the city is hosting another pop-up blood drive. Our local blood supply has reached emergency levels. Anyone feeling healthy is encouraged to donate, especially Type O donors. Please click on this link to schedule your appointment. Thank you in advance for helping to stabilize the blood supply in the community.

If you have any questions on these or other topics, please contact me at

“Have a good week!”

Amy Arrington, City Manager
Normandy City Park
801 SW 174th Street
Normandy Park, WA 98166
(206) 248-8246 (direct phone)

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