NEXTDC Announces New AWS Direct Connect Site for Sydney

SYDNEY, Australia – February 08, 2022. NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), Australia’s leading data center service provider, announced the availability of AWS Direct Connect in the NEXTDC S2 data center in Sydney.

AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service that directly connects an organization’s network to AWS to provide consistent, secure, and low-latency performance. Using AWS Direct Connect, data that would previously have been transported over the Internet is transmitted over a private network connection between an organization’s facilities and AWS.

These private connections help reduce networking costs, ensure smooth and reliable large-scale data transfers for real-time analysis, and provide a more consistent network experience than connections over the public Internet.

NEXTDC and AWS customers can now establish direct network connections from their premises to AWS in the NEXTDC S2 data center to gain secure and high-performance access to all public AWS Regions*. S2 Sydney is the fourth NEXTDC data center to be established as a hosting location for AWS Direct Connect, following NEXTDC C1 (Canberra), NEXTDC M1 (Melbourne) and NEXTDC P1 (Perth).

Customers can choose 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and new dedicated high-speed 100 Gbps connections within the NEXTDC S2 data center. Customers with dedicated connections can now also connect to AWS at NEXTDC S2 with IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security Standard (MACsec) encryption to provide additional Layer 2 security between customer routers and the NEXTDC S2 AWS Direct Connect location.

NEXTDC’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Dzienciol, said: “From real-time data analysis, to fast data backup or streaming media processing, we are seeing demand for high-speed dedicated connectivity that helps sectors such as media and entertainment, government, financial services, research institutes and other large organizations are experimenting rapidly and at scale”.

“NEXTDC is committed to providing the fastest, most reliable connections to the world’s leading cloud environments through services like AWS Direct Connect. We bring the cloud to our customers, and in doing so, we help them adopt new technologies at reduced pace and cost, and with significantly improved performance.”

*Customers can access any AWS Region from the AWS Direct Connect locations listed here (except China).

To reach to NEXTDC to learn more.

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