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Last year, amid the COVID-19 panic, TRIGGRCON 2021 was unfortunately canceled due to public safety concerns as well as several exhibitors canceling their attendance for the same reasons. The good news this year is that TRIGGRCON 2022 is happening, but this time it will be much further east and will take place at Flint Oak Hunting Lodge in Fall River Kansas between October 7-8 and will be open to media. and industry professionals. as well as regular gun enthusiasts. Me and TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves will be attending the event and bringing you exclusive first looks at new products from the show, as well as footage and coverage from Range Day where we can hopefully test out some of the latest products offered by the firearms industry. Full details on TRIGGRCON 2022, including registration details for attendance, are posted below.

More news from TRIGGRCON @ TFB:

TRIGGRCON 2022 Goes East-ish: New Venue and Dates Announced

Rainier Arms & UN12 are delighted to announce that they will be hosting TRIGGRCON 2022 near Wichita, Kansas. This year’s show will be held at the first Flint Oak Hunting Lodge in Flint Oak, KS.

The dates of the exhibition are October 7 and 8, 2022. The range day and the exhibitor events will take place simultaneously.

Go to one, then to the other, or walk back and forth!

TRIGGERCON 2022 Goes East-ish: New Venue and Dates Announced

The Flint Oak Hunting Lodge is a very high-end facility that encompasses over 6,000 acres on a private ranch and includes a beautiful pro shop, lodging, all types of shooting bays from action pistol to long-range precision shooting, and of course, gives regular customers access to hunting packages where they can capture wild game that they would never find in their home country. However, during those two days, Rainer Arms and UN12 were able to secure the facility for use during TRIGGRCON 2022.

Why attend TRIGGRCON 22?
TRIGGRCON showcases the most innovative companies in the tactical small arms industry. It is not only a trade show for manufacturers, but also an opportunity to be part of the firearms community.
What distinguishes this Expo?
TRIGGRCON is an evolution of Shooting Sports Expo, now expanded to a 2-day event. We will showcase the best in the industry.

Attendance is capped! A fixed number of exhibitors and visitors will be present at the show. The ceiling is to maintain an intimate environment where industry thought leaders can be approached without crushes or craziness.

This show is all about building and nurturing relationships.

Another advantage of this exclusivity: several companies will be launching major new products at the show. Visitors can watch in real time and talk to the people involved. This show is going to be epic.

TRIGGERCON 2022 Goes East-ish: New Venue and Dates Announced

If you would like to attend as a member of the media, the firearms industry, or an enthusiast ($25 for the two-day pass), you can visit the links below. You can also check the list of FAQs for the event as well as more detailed information on what to bring and what not to bring to the event on the event page here.

Registration of enthusiasts

Recording Media and Industry


TRIGGERCON 2022 Goes East-ish: New Venue and Dates Announced

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