NBA 2K23 Park Matchmaking Location Guide

Practice makes perfect and what better way to practice in NBA 2K23 than by playing games without consequences? A place where you let go of the fear of losing and experiment with your playstyle, tricks and more.

In this guide, we will walk you through the park matchmaking location in NBA 2K23 and how you can enter the park.

What are park games in NBA 2K23?

You’ve just started your NBA career and you can’t jump right into a game against one of the season’s best teams. You’ll need to practice against a smaller number of players first, find your niche, and have a little fun while having fun and trying new tricks.

Exactly for this reason, NBA 2K23 allows you to play against other people in multiplayer matches where you can face 2 or 3 people with your own team and they call it Park matches.

Park Matches are a fun way to hone your skills and prepare for bigger games, but you might be wondering how you enter a Park Match in NBA 2K23. This year, NBA 2K has a confusing mechanic on how you can enter a Park Match.

How to Participate in a Park Game

To participate in a Park Match, you must go to the theater which is west of Gatorade Gym. In front of the theater there will be four posters with details of current park events that you can participate in.

Once you’ve decided which event you want to go to, enter the theater and head to the auditorium or courthouse that’s currently hosting your chosen event.

Getting to the park is as easy as walking around the neighborhood, literally. Simply follow the steps below to enter the park.

  • Press the Start button in the main menu
  • Go to My Career
  • Select the district
  • Now you are free to wander around the city and go to any park you want.

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