Mountain Village hires Paul Wisor as manager | News

Paul Wisor joined Mountain Village as City Attorney in September 2020, at a time during the pandemic when virtually everything had come to a standstill and everyone had moved on to a new way of life. He didn’t have much luck meeting the members of the community he served. Now, nearly two years later, Wisor has been named the new city manager, having served in an interim role when former city manager Kim Montgomery retired in September 2021.

The Mountain Village City Council unanimously decided to officially hire Wisor as City Manager at last week’s regular meeting. Council members praised Wisor for his work since taking over as acting city manager. Likewise, Wisor said the current board is the best he has had the opportunity to work with in his career.

“When you consider the opportunity to work with an incredibly sophisticated city council and equally fantastic staff in one of the nation’s premier communities, the position of City Manager for the Town of Mountain Village is one of the best jobs in the world. Colorado,” Wisor said in a press release announcing his official hire.

Wisor’s legal practice previously focused on public finance, land use rights, real estate development and advising a wide range of government entities such as municipalities, counties, school districts and special districts.

He looks forward to getting to know the community better at a monthly Coffee With the Town Manager event at Telluride Coffee Company, which takes place on the last Wednesday of each month. This month’s meeting is Wednesday at 11 a.m.

“When I first joined the Town of Mountain Village, Town Hall was closed due to COVID, so I went several months without meeting staff or community members in person. Once City Hall opened, I obviously started to develop a relationship with the staff, but, let’s be honest, there are few members of the public who are interested in knowing about the City Attorney,” he said. . “As a result, I feel the need to get to know the members of the Mountain Village community better. I had one-on-one meetings with many residents and started hosting monthly coffee events with the General Manager. When I meet with members of the community, I think they benefit because I am able to answer their questions, or at least begin the process of addressing their concerns. However, I think I benefit even more from these conversations because our community members all have great suggestions for improving the city and the community.

Given his ongoing work with the city, Wisor was able to transition seamlessly into the role of manager at a time when the board was focused on important initiatives such as the Global Plan Amendment process.

“When the mayor appointed me acting city manager, I felt that the city council had already established a number of priorities that needed to be aggressively pursued, and that it was not in the interest of the city to have a caretaker in the interim role.. The city needed someone to continue to actively do the job. As a result, I don’t think there was one thing I felt I needed to do. the day I was appointed because there were already a lot of irons in the fire,” he said.

Council members also welcomed new city attorney David McConaughy and Lizbeth Lemley as chief financial officer at Thursday’s meeting.

“While the City faces hiring challenges every day, we are incredibly fortunate to have filled three of our key positions almost simultaneously with incredibly talented individuals with immense municipal experience,” said Mayor Laila Benitez. “With these hires, the city is well positioned to solidify the Town of Mountain Village’s place among the nation’s top resort communities.”

McConaughy has an extensive litigation and real estate practice, and is a recognized leader in the Aspen area and throughout Colorado in these areas. He is also the head of the Municipal Practice Group of Garfield & Hecht and is currently the City Attorney for Delta and the City Attorney for DeBeque and New Castle.

“I’ve loved the Telluride area since the early 1980s and lived in Ophir in the 1990s,” McConaughy said. “I have represented cities and towns in Colorado for more than 23 years, and I am thrilled and honored to be appointed as the city’s attorney to continue providing legal advice and defending Mountain Village.”

Lemley, who replaced Kevin Swain after his recent retirement, brings more than 20 years of accounting and financial management experience to the city, having most recently served as Winter Park’s Director of Finance and Human Resources.

“During my 15 years in the Winter Park area, I have gained experience in the hospitality and property management industries which has given me a good understanding of the operations and challenges facing resort communities face,” Lemley said. “I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to join such an experienced and dedicated team during this exciting time of growth for the Town of Mountain Village. I look forward to working with Council, staff and the exceptional finance team as we help shape the future of this wonderful community.

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