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Meet Carla, Senior Community Manager for @YelpJacksonville! Carla recently celebrated her 3rd Yelpiversary, and she shares her journey at Yelp, what a typical day looks like as a Community Manager, and more!

Tell us about your journey at Yelp

After moving from Columbus, Ohio to Jacksonville, Florida, I saw a job posting for Jacksonville’s next Community Manager. The job combined everything I love: Jacksonville, business owners, creating a sense of community and building relationships. I applied for the job and after a few interviews I was chosen for the job. I started with Yelp in July 2019. I was a Community Manager for a year and a half before being promoted to Senior Community Manager. From the beginning just before a pandemic until now, it has been a real learning experience. It was challenging and fun, and I learned to pivot in situations.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

As a rule, I get up at 5 in the morning and I train. Then I take my kid to school, do community admin stuff, check out @YelpJacksonville, interact with businesses, interact with posts, and respond to messages. I can also meet with a business owner to discuss organizing an event. Normally I write a review or post a photo of a business I have visited. I’m also a compliment queen, so most of the time I send around 100 compliments on Yelp.

What is your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part of my job is interacting with business owners and letting them know how I can help them. It’s always so fun to tell them that it’s free to work with me and that my goal is to promote their business. It’s fun to watch their eyes widen and their jaws drop.

What do you enjoy most about working from home?

I like to be available for my child. He is the center of my universe and Yelp has allowed me to be present in his life. We also just got a puppy and I can take him for walks during the day. Even though I work from home, I’m really into creating structure. In the three years I’ve been here, I’ve tried to focus on how to be the most productive at work, like writing down what I do every day on a notepad and setting start times and firm end. Fortunately, I found a real rhythm. At a regional week, I introduced my team to the value of time management and planning and how it can lead to freedom in your life.

How does Yelp support your work-life balance?

I appreciate that we have paid time off and are encouraged to use it. You get a PTO for a reason, and it’s good to know we’re supported to take time to rest, relax and recuperate, so we can return to our careers invigorated.

How does your manager let you know that your work is valued?

My manager is always super positive. I appreciate her taking the time to let me know what I’m doing well and to celebrate my victories. Whether it’s telling me I’ve reached a career high or she’s been digging the custom pieces I made for an event, it makes me feel good that she notices those things.

Want to work with Carla?

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