Mediaweek On Location: Helping Dell make noise at the Formula 1 Grand Prix

This is part two of a new regular Mediaweek On Location feature. The series will feature media buyers from agencies across Australia as they meet different media organizations and experience the content they produce up close.

The insights gained will help buyers and marketers better understand how the media industry works and perhaps open up further opportunities for agencies and media.

For the second episode, we are on the circuit again, this time experiencing the very loud sights and sounds of Formula 1 cars with Network 10.

The venue for the second Mediaweek On Location was trackside on the Australian Grand Prix circuit at Albert Park. It was the first time since 2019 that Formula 1 cars had raced there with the 2020 and 2021 events scrapped due to Covid 19.

The instigator of this On Location opportunity was the Sales Director of Network 10 Rod Prosser. The head of the media agency was Mediacom Sydney’s Tom Willson.

Event: Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
Location: Albert Park, Melbourne
Streamer : Channel 10
Guest of the agency: Tom WillsonGroup Client Director, Mediacom, Sydney
Commercial partner : Dell
Facilitators: 10 sales manager Rod ProsserNetwork 10 sports sales manager Nick Bower

On the spot

10s Nick Bower, Medicom’s Tom Willson and 10s Rod Prosser

“Where we’re trying to take brands over the next few years is to engage them more in popular culture,” Willson said. Media Week between training sessions on Fridays at Albert Park. “In Australia, a big part of pop culture is sports. It starts with the AFL and NRL all the way to a massive annual event where we are today – the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

“A lot of people who follow motorsport can be hard to find. With Dell, we have to be smart about how we find those people. By planning things like integrations with 10 during the Grand Prix, it allows the brand to really sing and puts us in front of the audience in a premium environment.

“Dell has focused on a high-end strategy over the past few years and we have been looking for ways to integrate. We do a lot with 10 on other content including The project and the award-winning program Change Makers. Our Grand Prix partnership is another example of how we can leverage a network with premium spots and get the most out of the event.

On the spot

Mediacom’s Tom Willson watches an F1 practice session

Willson said the Grand Prix is ​​part of Mediacom’s strategy to keep Dell in front of an audience at premier sporting events throughout the year. “It’s not just about doing a big event and not much else. With 10 we can look at the calendar and use the Grand Prix and also choose our spots and plan a full year.

“The brand cannot be unique, it must be present throughout the year. »

Willson said live televised sport is so essential when it comes to securing large audiences. “You know the audience is going to skyrocket and you will hit the eyeballs. The integration we made this year with Dell in terms of premium placements makes the client very happy to be able to reach a large audience. »

Bower and Willson in the corporate suite of 10

Nick Bowernetwork 10 sports sales manager, said Media Week how the Grand Prix and then the Melbourne Cup end the sporting year for the broadcaster. “The Australian Grand Prix is ​​a very solid event and with all the activity going on around the track it is quite a spectacle. The wonderful thing now at 10 years old is that we have consistency every week with football.

“The Melbourne Cup Carnival is another event that is Australian in essence and has now become essentially 10. In the meantime and now our football rights continue including the Socceroos on the road to the World Cup and the Matildas.

“We recently announced the rights we have for visiting Manchester United who will be delivering fantastic premium football in July.

Prosser, Willson and Bower with stars of recently completed 10’s Australian Survivor

While Network 10’s management and sales teams did the heavy lifting in the corporate entertainment suite, keeping audiences engaged throughout the weekend was another team. The real ace for 10 on screen during F1 coverage was the former driver and nine-time F1 winner Mark Webber. He worked in the pits and paddock throughout the weekend and also provided commentary during the Sunday afternoon race. Joining him in the commentary booth were Tom Clarkson and Richard Crail. Hospitality duties throughout the weekend included excellent work by Angela Bishop covering guests visiting the race and Tara Rushton and Scott Mackinnon trackside work.

Network 10 A-Team Race Weekend: Waleed Aly, Chris Brown, Beverley McGarvey, Angela Bishop, Rod Prosser, Julia Morris, Jarrod Villani and MasterChef judges Jock, Melissa and Andy

10 F1 Commentary Team Richard Craill, Mark Webber and Tom Clarkson

Mediaweek On Location: get involved

Maybe there’s another sport you’d like to see up close. It could be a TV or radio newsroom or maybe a breakfast radio show, or a morning chat with decision makers from a magazine, newspaper or of a digital publishing brand. Or maybe a fixed visit to a reality show.

If you work in a media agency or on an advertiser’s marketing team, let us know via which part of the media you would like to relate to. We don’t just plan adventures in Sydney, other capital cities and regional markets are welcome.

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