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With colder weather expected later next week, the emergency shelter established at Douglas Park Elementary School in Langley could use a new location, a local pastor said.

The shelter was created by the Lookout Housing And Health Society in cooperation with a broad coalition of community groups and volunteers, including the Langley Food Bank and Langley’s newest Citizen of the Year, Manjit Gill.

But according to Leith White of Langley Vineyard Church, the shelter only has space in the school’s gymnasium until January 2.

The refuge has shown its value by accommodating up to 57 people per night.

“It’s more than we expected,” White said.

Langley’s main shelter, the Salvation Army-operated Gateway of Hope, was already approaching or operating at full capacity several nights before the exit from the Arctic brought double-digit temperatures down for the major part of the week following Christmas.

But with more snow expected over the next week, White is worried about where people will go once the emergency shelter closes.

“There is a real need for another installation,” he said.

Few places are available at this time, noted White. Most of the existing public spaces in downtown Langley are either occupied by other uses or under renovation.

Anyone who has space for another emergency shelter, if needed, can call White at 778-892-9785.

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