Hollywood Park Council, Economic Development Corp. hold a joint meeting; time, place to be determined

Hollywood Park City Council and members of the City’s Economic Development Corporation board of directors plan to hold a joint meeting to discuss philosophy and other issues regarding business development in the suburbs of North Side. (Courtesy of Google Streets)

Members of Hollywood Park City Council and the Economic Development Corporation. the board plans to have a joint meeting, preferably before the end of the year.

The purpose of the meeting, according to city leaders and EDC members, is to ensure that the two panels agree on local economic development issues.

At the time of this article’s publication, a date and time has yet to be confirmed for a joint EDC board and board meeting. City officials said the meeting will be held in the city hall council chamber at 2 Makkah Promenade and the meeting will be open to the public.

A joint meeting was a topic of discussion at the November 16 board meeting. City secretary Patrick Aten said that as a new EDC board has recently been put in place, this was a great opportunity for the board to decide what kind of eligible projects it would like to see proposed for EDC support.

Board member Sean Moore, who is also an EDC board member, said he would like to see projects and assets that directly support city services and, in turn, support Hollywood Park’s business. or help attract new businesses to the city.

“These should be opportunities to go with it,” Moore said of future joint board and EDC talks.

Moore also asked about vacancies in the city’s main shopping district along US 281 and what can be done to help encourage greater business occupancy.

Board member Debbie Trueman agreed that more emphasis should be placed on efforts to attract and retain businesses that can generate a consistent sales tax revenue stream.

Mayor Oscar Villarreal and board member Glenna Pearce both said they wanted to hear more directly from EDC’s board.

“It puts us on the same page. I think it will be very beneficial for EDC to go in a direction that benefits everyone, ”Villarreal said.

Tom Sims, who recently retired as chairman of the EDC board, endorsed Villarreal’s assessment at the EDC board meeting on November 18.

“It’s better if EDC and city council are on the same page,” he said.

Delaine Hall, board member and vice-chair of the board, EDC, said part of the joint discussion will help ensure that EDC develops projects that are more likely to garner board support.

“It saves us, on this side of the fence, a lot of time.” Hall said.

Meanwhile, EDC plans to host an event in spring 2022 at the Voigt Center for Businesses in Hollywood Park.

EDC members were recently working on a tentative March 1 date for the event, which current board chairman Andrew Moon described as an introduction from local business owners to the new board of directors of EDC. ‘EDC and the community.

” It will be a [chance to] celebrate business opportunities, ”Moon added.

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