Heavy snowfall causes delays to city’s transit service, traffic manager confident

As reports circulate of poor weather across the province, the City of Prince Albert is working to safely get transit riders to where they need to go and to keep drivers and their vehicles on the roads. roads.

According to an RCMP news release on Sunday morning, the weather in Saskatchewan is impacting road conditions across the province due to snow and gusty winds. Prince Albert is feeling the effects, but the City is handling the situation well according to Traffic Director Evan Hastings.

“I think the City is much better prepared this year to handle the amount of snow we receive. It’s a very similar snowfall to last year, except it looks like we’re moving a lot faster,” Hastings said.

More snow is expected throughout Monday and Tuesday, but Hastings said the city’s transit service will continue to operate close to what it is now.

“We will notify the public as soon as possible if there are any outages at bus stops, but the city service will try to get to every possible stop with public safety in mind,” he said. “I’ve done as many updates as I can on the city’s website, as well as on Transit Live.”

Hastings explained that the city’s bus GPS tracking app shows which stops are currently being missed due to extreme snowfall to ensure the public is informed quickly of possible delays.

He thanked the city roads team for their tireless work in keeping the city streets clear for motorists.

“They have already cleared the arteries and they are moving to priority 2, so they have been very efficient and effective in their snow removal progress. We can expect to see all the snow removed as soon as possible,” Hastings said.

According to a transit service update released Monday afternoon, due to last weekend’s amount of snow and more along the way, the following bus stops will be bypassed until that these streets be leveled and cleared of snow:

east hill

  • East 20th Street
  • Branion Walk
  • 4th Avenue East
  • East 25th Street

East Apartment

  • 10th street
  • 5th Avenue East
  • 4th Avenue East
  • 6th street
  • 3rd Avenue East
  • 8th street

Express all day

All buses from the Prince Albert Catholic School Division and Prince Albert schools belonging to the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division were also canceled on Monday. According to the SRPSD daily bus report, buses from Christopher Lake, Osborne and Spruce Home ran in the afternoon.

Sask. Superintendent Garette Tebay. Rivers Public School Division, said school buses cannot operate unless city roads are clear, and is unsure whether they will operate Tuesday if snowfall continues.

“We have to make sure that we perform them in the safest way possible for children,” Tebay explained.

A progress report on snow removal operations by the City requested that residents who live on any of the streets listed as Priority 2 move their vehicles to allow crews access to snow removal.

“We have a lot of snow, which makes driving difficult today. We cannot understand everything. Not all at once, anyway. But crews are out there cleaning the streets tirelessly over the weekend and since 5am this morning,” the city update read.

They noted that if the forecast 10 to 15 centimeters of snow overnight continues, road crews will have to start over on Priority 1 streets.


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