Guilford County Animal Resource Center Successful in New Location

GUILFORD COUNTY, North Carolina (WGHP) – Officials from the Guilford County Animal Resource Center said that since opening in early November, they have already seen an impact in the community.

Deputy director Lisa Lee said more and more people are using the new building as more than a shelter but as a comprehensive education center for animals and pet owners.

“With all the attention to the new shelter, when their animals go missing, they come here and look at us… we’re an animal resource center, so we’re here to help them find their lost animals,” Lee said.

Lee said that since the opening of the new facility, 250 lost or missing animals have been returned to their owners. She also said 188 dogs and 147 cats were adopted in just two months.

In 2022, Lee said the facility plans to work with “Partners Ending Homelessness” to help provide food and resources for pets whose owners are homeless.

Lee said the facility plans to continue to engage in the community by expanding more resources such as pet food, supplies and medical assistance to owners of struggling pets.

“Going forward… we really want to focus on keeping our pets and families together in the community. So we have a great community engagement service and community outreach. It is very important for us to make sure as people struggle that they have the resources to keep their pets at home, ”said Lee.

They also plan to host a rabies clinic at High Point where they will offer free vaccines through a grant.

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