Filming location is Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn – DIRT

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to be single again for a gay man at my age?” I’m a dinosaur!” So says Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris), the Manhattan real estate agent at the center of the new Netflix series “Uncoupled,” who unexpectedly finds himself unattached when his 17-year-old partner years suddenly leaves him without an explanation as to why.As said by Jeffrey Richman, who co-created the program with Darren Star (the mastermind behind the hits “Sex and the City,” “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Melrose Place”). The queer magazine“We thought about the lowest place we could start it.”

Dark-looking premise aside, the series takes a comedic look at Michael’s new life as he attempts to navigate his way through a completely unfamiliar dating scene while at the end of the quarantine, his longtime best friends by his side. With glorious real estate exhibits scattered throughout, “Uncoupled” reads like a mix of “Sex and the City” and “Million Dollar Listing: New York.” It’s witty, sweet, poignant and eminently worthy of a binge-watch – not to mention stunning to watch!

Set and filmed in and around New York City, the show uses cinematic spots such as the high linea disused elevated railway line turned urban park spanning a bucolic 1.45 miles through Chelsea, 620 Loft & Gardenan impressive rooftop oasis atop Rockefeller Center, and the Urban Cowboys Hotela rustic and trendy mountain lodge tucked away in a quiet corner of the Catskills.

But there is one place that stands out among the rest! The place where Michael’s friends, the Jonathans (played by Colin Hanlon and Jai Rodriguez), get married in episode eight is an absolute sight – so much so that if you type “Decoupled” into the search bar of a browser, the words “wedding venue” invariably auto-generated! Viewers, it seems, became so enamored with the venue that they took it upon themselves to go look for it virtually. So I thought I would save everyone the process.

The location of the “Decoupled” wedding is none other than the Prospect Park Boathousea magnificent Beaux Arts style structure located along the banks of Lullwater, east of Prospect Park in 101 East Dr. in Brooklyn.

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