EPG talks about the benefits of Voice in the warehouse

Gavin Clark of EPG Ehrhardt Partner Group is the company’s UK country manager and has worked in supply chain for nearly 20 years, primarily in WMS. “I get involved in various aspects of the business, from sales to delivery and customer support. Working closely with customers and the UK team means that every day is different, and that’s exactly what I ‘love.

EPG is one of more than 120 exhibitors at IntraLogisteX this year that is eager to come face-to-face with the industry, without any pandemic-related restrictions, to discuss the company’s latest developments. “In a few months, our brand new major release Lydia 9 will be available. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but it will again bring relevant improvements in terms of overall performance and usability.

What Clark can reveal, however, is that the new voice-optimized VOXTER Vantage mobile computer will be unveiled at the intralogistics event of the year. “It’s the perfect match with LYDIA Voice,” he says. “Compared to its predecessor, the VOXTER Vantage offers 300% faster speech recognition, is equipped with the optimized Android Industrial+ enterprise operating system and offers significantly improved Wi-Fi performance.”

Seamless interaction between hardware and software is the key to a successful voice solution in a logistics environment. Customers who switch from other voice systems to LYDIA Voice see their productivity increase by 6-18% on average. With VOXTER Vantage, LYDIA Voice customers now benefit from a hardware solution that further increases productivity and performance, resulting in better overall performance.

“We are also introducing an extension to our Lydia subscription model,” adds Clark. “With Lydia Subscription, customers can easily rent software and hardware instead of buying. And we now offer Lydia as SaaS, which means we’ve added the option of cloud hosting and managed services to our subscription offer – it’s a real “carefree” complete package.

Highlighting the benefits of the solutions offered by the company, CONA Services has deployed Lydia Voice at more than 90 Coca-Cola bottling sites in the United States (CONA is the IT services company for the Coca-Cola bottling company in North America). According to CONA, LYDIA Voice delivered productivity gains of up to 7% along with clear voice recognition, elimination of voice model training and a more coordinated system architecture compared to the previous voice system.

Using voice technology brings productivity increases of 30% and more, so much more throughput can be achieved with the same resources. “Our client UVEX Group, for example, moved from paper order picking to Lydia Voice,” Clark continues. “Here, not only has the change in technology brought a significant increase in productivity of more than 30%, but Voice has also made it possible to introduce multiple order picking. This alone brought another 6% increase in productivity. And the error rate is also almost zero.

If you want to see the latest in warehouse technology from EPG, be sure to register for the UK’s top intralogistics show, IntraLogisteX, and see them on stand 920!

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