Emeralds will be out of Eugene without the need for a new stadium, says general manager | New

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Emeralds’ 2022 season is ending, but Ems’ future is up in the air.

The team needs a new stadium, and if they don’t have one, their time in Eugene could be over.

“I saw this ballpark from day one for the Ems and hopefully the end until we get to the new location,” Eugene Emeralds general manager Allan Benavides said.

Benavides said PK Park, while beautiful, doesn’t serve the Emeralds the way it once did.

“The on-site hitting facility… There are a lot of new female coaches, athletic trainers, coordinators. We don’t have locker rooms for women, so we have to create little random sites off-site for them And that’s it’s not really fair, so we have to think about the growth of games. And that’s what the new standards incorporate,” Benavides said.

Lane County commissioners announced last month that the new stadium would cost between $60 million and $80 million. Most people showed support for the Emeralds and their possible new home, some opposed it.

“I think we offer a lot of affordable family entertainment,” Benavides said. “I think this community has spoken up, that they want to stay here, but we’re in a dire situation where we’re not moving.”

The Emeralds have occupied PK Park since 2010. The organization has been in Eugene since 1955. Benavides said that unless they build a new stadium to play in, Ems could be out of Eugene.

“Unfortunately, we’re in for a pretty urgent and dire case because if that doesn’t happen the team is just gone. And it’s not like they’re just moving the Emeralds,” Benavides said. another market.

Benavides said the Lane Events Center stadium would be used for several different events, such as hosting high school playoff baseball games as well as holiday events.

The state and the team are willing to pay $17.5 million for the stadium.

“The support from the Commissioners and the community has been overwhelming. We want to be a very good partner to the community as we have been for the past 13 years. By supporting the community, whether through our programs nonprofits, school systems and just providing fun entertainment whether you’re a baseball fan or not,” Benavides said.

The Emeralds’ stay at PK Park expires in 2024.

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