Dale Howard’s Auto opens new location in Waverly | Waverly Logs

A new family business is here in Waverly with the Dale Howard Auto Center hosting its grand opening on July 14th which unofficially kicked off Waverly’s annual Heritage Days celebration.

The Dale Howard Auto Center was founded by Dale and Steve Howard in Iowa Falls in 1975.

Since then, Tony Howard has taken over the operation in Iowa Falls and now, Waverly.

“Waverly is similar to Iowa Falls in education, industry and health care,” Tony said. “Both communities have strong roots in all three areas with Wartburg College here [in Waverly]the strong school system here and the hospital.”

Tony, who graduated from UNI in 2004, wanted to continue the family business after graduation. Tony also started a family in Iowa Falls with his wife, Julianne, and two boys, Prentice 13 and Pierce 10.

The event featured live music, a food truck, and a barbecue cooking contest that included a $250 grand prize, trophy, and bragging rights until next year.

Caylor Teepe was the winner of the competition and it was the first time he beat his father in any type of barbecue competition.

“The idea for a barbecue contest came to us very early on when we were thinking, what are the things that can create some awareness for us,” Tony said.

began to seek opportunities for expansion, the Kreeger family.

It is important to be active in the community

I’ll stay in Iowa Falls and bounce between

Brian Butcher to lead the sales team

I will be there 3 to 4 times a week

What are some things we can do to increase awareness about ourselves.

It’s not about selling cars, it’s about being in the community. The added value will eventually come back.

Caylor Teepe won $250 and a trophy and bragging rights, the first time he beat his dad

Really enjoyed being able to kick off Heritage Days at Waverly

This [the transition] was definitely a learning process. We’ve learned that the most important thing is to get the right people doing the best job possible and succeeding

“It’s been difficult to find good workers in the market, but I think we’ve found people who can help make an impact,” Tony said. “When you support the community, the community backs you up, one of our core core values ​​is to give back.”

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