‘Boone fu***ng cooked it’ – MLB analyst loves New York Yankees manager’s savage response to his Texas Rangers counterpart

The New York Yankees are currently the best team in baseball. Manager Aaron Boone’s team just ended an 11-game winning streak and signed the top two homers in baseball, Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, to their roster. Nobody can deny that the Yankees are good, really good. They currently sit first in their division with a 20-8 record.

On Sunday afternoon, the Yankees took on the Texas Rangers at Yankee Stadium after coming back from a game-winning streak against division rival Toronto Blue Jays. In the first match of the doubleheader, certain events occurred to cause fireworks between the two managers, prompting an amusing response from Aaron Boone.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone ignores opposing manager with disinterest

Sunday’s man of the game was shortstop Gleyber Torres. On a 3-1 no-out count in the bottom of the ninth inning, the game was tied. That was until the 25-year-old Venezuelan pulled away from Rangers reliever John King to win the ball game. It was another classy win for the No. 1 New York Yankees.

Can’t stop watching Gleyber’s homer from yesterday https://t.co/zluL5XivZ9

“Can’t help but watch Gleyber’s homer from yesterday” – @Gabe

The story is not so good for the opposing Texas Rangers, who are now 11-15 and sit fourth in the American League West. Obviously sour after the loss, Rangers manager Chris Woodward took aim at the dynamics of Yankee Stadium and wondered if home runs there would be considered home runs at other league parks.

In a reference to Gleyber Torres’ home run, Woodward said “99% of the time” Torres’ home run wouldn’t leave the park. The Rangers manager also called Yankee Stadium “a little ballpark”.

After the match, Aaron Boone was asked if he had a reaction to Woodward’s comments? Calmly, Boone said “No”, dismissively and immediately prompted the media scrum to ask a new question.

“Boone fucking cooked it” – @ Eric Hubbs

Boone’s calm but funny response prompted New York Yankees writer Eric Hubbs to tweet a video of the exchange along with the words “Boone f*cking cooked it.”

The New York Yankees will play another game against Texas on Monday before hosting the Toronto Blue Jays for a midweek game.

Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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