Andrea Andrade joins JPMorgan Chase as Stockton Community Manager

After working in education for many years, Andrea Andrade saw a persistent gap in access to financial advice and resources for members of the local underserved community. From affordable housing to parents saving for their children’s future, Andrade’s work has focused on giving others the opportunity to recognize their voice and find the strength they need to achieve their goals. financial goals.

“My mother lost her house in 2017 and became homeless and I felt hopeless because I couldn’t find her a home,” Andrade said. “I realized then my mission to become a resource, not only for my mother but for other members of the local community in need of financial advice.”

Andrade applied for a job with a Central Valley developer to lead the housing defense and learned as much as he could about housing. “My mom finally has a safe, affordable place to call home.”

When Chase’s Community Manager position opened up, Andrade saw it as another opportunity to amplify what she was working toward, bringing the financial tools and resources to the communities that needed them most. “I am a woman of color and have seen many single mothers in my family go through housing insecurity. This doesn’t just happen in my family, and I want to strive to make a difference in the local community,” Andrade said.

As Chase Community Manager for Stockton, Andrade’s goal is to provide the local community with access to the tools and resources available to help them achieve their financial goals. September 14eAndrade will be hosting a credit workshop for students at the 510 N El Dorado Street branch from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Previously, Andrade was Resident Services Coordinator for Visionary Home Builders of CA, Inc. In partnership with the Residents United Network (RUN), Andrade has worked to harness the power of people to expand housing advocacy in California’s Central Valley. She has also educated communities on local and statewide housing issues to influence policy and budget decisions at the state, regional and local levels.

“We provide access to financial wellness opportunities in Stockton and surrounding communities. Andrea’s dedication to bringing families, individuals and communities together to help them achieve their financial goals is what it takes to help make a lasting impact,” said September Hargrove, director of community banking for the Northern California, Chase.

As part of JPMorgan Chase’s recent five-year, $30 billion racial equity commitment to close the racial wealth gap, the company nurtures and builds relationships with important community leaders, nonprofit partners profit and small businesses with the aim of promoting and improving the financial health of the local community. As part of this commitment, the company is refreshing 150 branches in historically underserved communities, including new community center branches, 13 of which are already open in cities like Harlem, Oakland and Los Angeles, designed with additional space to be at the center of the community. , as well as opening 100 additional branches in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods across the country.

Born and raised in Stockton, Andrade received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Pacific. She still resides in Stockton with her husband, two sons and daughter.

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