An Open Source Download Manager for Multiple File Hosting Sites

If you’ve ever tried to download files from file hosting sites like RapidShare, you know how hostile this process is.

You click on a link pointing to a RapidShare hosted file, wait about a minute for the timer to run out, and then you get a direct link to download the corresponding file. And if you don’t download within a minute, the link expires and you have to repeat the whole cycle to download that file.

Things get even more confusing if you try to download files during peak hours or need to download multiple files at once.

For obvious reasons, none of these file hosting sites provide “official” download managers, and the ones you already have on your machine (like GetRight, Orbit, or FlashGet) aren’t quite compatible.

If you’re a frequent user of these file hosting sites, here’s a new open-source application hosted on Microsoft’s CodePlex that might interest you. Called MDownloader, this Windows-only utility will allow you to download files in the background without having to wait in the browser for the timer to complete.

You can either copy-paste the file links manually in the downloader window or provide the URL of a web page and the utility will remove all possible file links that may be listed on that page. Once the downloads are added to the queue, it will do everything for you in the background – if you exceed the download limit, the utility will wait and re-queue the download.

In addition to RapidShare, you can use this utility as the default download manager for a dozen other file hosting sites including MegaUpload,, DepositFiles and more.

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