AEW All Out 2022 Location Review

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Many fans wondered after AEW and NJPW announced they would be hosting the combined PPV, Forbidden door, in Chicago, could this mean that All Out is finding a new home? Well, Tony Khan himself mentioned shortly after the announcement that they would be looking at all options. Really, there are many options that the company can choose from.

One place that definitely deserves a PPV is California, especially after hosting the first two AEW PPVs there. This fan base showed that they are still excited. But, it doesn’t look like they have one yet, even though tons of fans are clamoring for it right now. So where could they be heading for the 2022 episode of All Out?

Recently, news has started to surface that AEW is grabbing a location and that location is Chicago. Yes, this may upset some people because Chicago “gets every show and PPV.” They get a lot of shows, but it’s a base for the business and logistically good for fans traveling in and out of the US. If so, where would Full Gear take place? This seems like one of the shows that travels a bit more and might be a good fit for California.

There has been no official announcement yet. However, with AEW and NJPW hosting Forbidden Door on Sunday, could this announcement take place at the event? We will follow this very closely around here.

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