Active gaming facility opens new location in Brampton

By Samantha Lawson

Published on October 9, 2022 at 4:49 p.m.

Do you need the perfect place to host your child’s next birthday party? Are you bored of working out in your usual gym? A new play facility is opening in Brampton, providing an ideal venue for active residents of all ages.

Activate Games claims to be the “world’s first active gaming facility”, hosting sites in Canadian cities such as Edmonton, Winnipeg, Scarborough, Burlington and soon Brampton.

On its website, the company describes itself as “the next level in fitness, entertainment, and gaming.”

Participants are challenged to put their brains and bodies to the test and play arcade-style games by jumping, climbing and dodging in the interactive rooms.

Each Activate facility contains up to 11 unique rooms filled with lasers and glowing floors.

The newest site is located at 25 Peel Center Dr., but Activate has not yet released an official opening date.

There are signs of the location opening soon, however, as the active games company held an open house for Brampton at the end of September, seeking its core team of entertainers and part-time gaming supervisors.

There will be nine different activity rooms offered at the Brampton location:

  • hoops
    • Sink baskets while panels change color in Hoops. Try Barrage to test your speed, answer tricky questions in Trivial, memorize a color sequence in Simon Says, or hit the net at the right time in 15 Green.
  • Arena
    • The arena is filled with 33 glowing targets that you’ll need to hit with precision to win. Hit as many targets as you can quickly in Swat, search for elusive patterns in Hunt, or test your recall with Memory and flip targets to find hidden pairs.

  • To go up
    • Climb a fluid and interactive rock wall in Climb. Navigate carefully while dodging red boulders in Technique, challenge your friends in competitive Climb games, or try Wack-A-Hold and grab flashing blue boulders while wall hanging.
  • Mega Grid
    • Mega Grid is twice the size of Grid and features twenty buttons with their own screens. Stop at the right time in Statues, rush to the right place in Mega Zones, and score fast in Order Up.
  • Laser
    • From blasting targets to dodging beams, you’ll find plenty of ways to play Laser. Memorize targets in Flash Fire, navigate a maze in Laser Maze, or combine target shooting and laser dodging over multiple rounds in Trench.

  • To hide
    • Run between buttons while dodging four glowing eyes in our Hide room. Sprint to find your color in Relay, work together to spell words in Words, or search through a number sequence with missing digits in Numbers.
  • Control
    • In Control, you’ll tilt on a standing joystick to move around the giant screen in front of you. Navigate a maze in Maze Runner, test your speed in Collect, or work together to clear the screen of squares by shooting only your color in Bumper.
  • To push
    • Push is filled with hundreds of glowing buttons. Search for a specific pattern in Rings, find a cluster of buttons in Camo, or try to memorize the colors of multiple clusters before revealing them with their pair in Match.
  • Pipes
    • Work together to get a single ball to the correct hole in the pipes. Search for a specific pattern in Piperooni, unscramble and type a word in Scramble, or find the pattern that doesn’t match the others in Odd One Out.

Games are played in groups of three to five people and each time slot can accommodate up to 10 players.

Activate Games designs each session so participants can move freely between rooms, allowing play, replay, or jumping as they please.

Each game offers up to 10 levels of increasing difficulty, from easy to extreme.

The faster a game is beaten, the more points you earn, and these points are recorded on a personal profile. The profile tracks every win, loss, score and achievement and allows players to move up the ranks and up the leaderboards.

There are dozens of games to master and each allows for different gameplay, so participants can focus on agility in one game and problem solving in the next. Each room has its own games that allow groups to work together or compete against each other.

Admission is $25 per player plus tax. This includes 75 minutes of gameplay and full access to the facility.

Hours of operation for the Brampton location will be Sunday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Images courtesy of Activate Games Canada.

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