5 Best Server Hosting Sites for Minecraft 1.19 Update

While Minecraft Realms is one of the best ways to play with friends online, hosting a server is another great way to do it.

By using a professional hosting service, admins can have hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users on their servers, something Realms can’t match.

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Several professional hosting services exist for Minecraft 1.19. Each has different plans and pricing to fit what a prospective admin hopes to accomplish.

In addition to hosting capabilities, these services often provide features such as DDOS protections, server restores, and plugin compatibility.

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of the best hosting options currently available.

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Scalahosting, Hostinger and 3 other awesome server hosting services to use for Minecraft 1.19

1) BisectHosting

Advertisement of Bisect for its built-in support functions (Image via Bisect)
Advertisement of Bisect for its built-in support functions (Image via Bisect)

Bisect has hosted Minecraft servers for several years and continues to operate in 2022.

Gamers can host their ideal server in minutes with the service’s easy-to-use tools, including a customizable server dashboard to make tweaks and adjustments as needed.

Bisect servers are also compatible with more than 700 different modpacks which can be easily integrated by the host in just a few clicks. The host also provides DDOS protection, preventing malicious players from causing crashes and server disconnects.

2) Scalahosting

Official Scalahosting logo (Image via Scalahosting)
Official Scalahosting logo (Image via Scalahosting)

A particularly unique hosting service for Minecraft, Scalahosting allows players to use their own virtual private server. Compared to traditional shared hosting, having a VPS provides administrators with cloud-based resources, such as RAM, that are completely isolated.

The service also provides players with accommodations to build their servers significantly through the use of popular modding programs and plugins such as Paper, Spigot, Forge, Fabric and more.

If admins encounter any bad blocks on their server, they can also use the provider’s automatic world repairs to fix any issues they may have encountered.

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3) Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting has very helpful video tutorials for newcomers (Image via Apex Hosting)
Apex Hosting has very helpful video tutorials for newcomers (Image via Apex Hosting)

Apex Hosting is one of the most recognizable Minecraft server hosting sites currently available. This is partly due to its extensive advertising campaign. However, the host can back up their advertising with a host of cool features for Minecraft admins.

Although the host is not as cheap as some of its competitors, it still provides tremendous support for administrators, especially those starting their own servers.

The host offers several videos that can help admins get started with their server, and there’s even a hosting plan that offers unlimited player capacity. While this plan isn’t as “unlimited” as it claims, it does provide the ability to keep the server running smoothly while tons of players are online simultaneously.

4) Host

Official Hostinger logo (Image via Hostinger)
Official Hostinger logo (Image via Hostinger)

Providing hosting far beyond game servers, Hostinger is a well-established service for websites, personal pages, storefronts, and multiplayer game servers.

Single shared hosting servers start at just $1.99 per month, and the servers have access to 24/7 support for any issues.

This hosting platform also provides administrators with a VPS for isolated cloud resources, although the plans are not entirely customizable. Either way, Hostinger is a great choice for newcomers and veterans hoping to get a hosted server fast.

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5) Shockbyte

Shockbyte's Lightning Logo  (Picture via Shockbyte)
Shockbyte lightning bolt logo (Image via Shockbyte)

Shockbyte is a hosting service dedicated to games and is one of the most reputable hosting providers in the world.

The service guarantees 100% uptime of your server or you will be refunded. Its most expensive plans are some of the most technically impressive in the hosting industry.

Rentals can be obtained for Minecraft and other multiplayer titles for as little as $9.99 per month. However, gamers who don’t need as many resources can use plans as low as $1.99 per month for a gigabyte RAM allocation.

It really all depends on what an administrator is looking for, and Shockbyte has a plan to meet their needs in almost any circumstance.

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